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[Name: Cris Rozzini / Location:- Duomo, Milan, Italy]

"This is a site I been looking for since I am a big fan of Disney and Disneyland Paris. I love how you can go from one gallery to another and I noticed you are a big collector of Disney ornaments. I like collecting as well. I studied in London for about 4 years where I got my first Disney ornament, this was a Mickey in a cowboy outfit. The only thing is I get the blues when I look at your photos and that's because I always want to go back. I love Frontierland as I am an Italian cowboy at heart. Actually if it was possible I would live in this land. Keep up the good work DisneyMagic and keep making me feel at home, a place where I really should be living" :)

[Name: Chloe Wakefield / Location:- Surrey, England, United Kingdom]

"I'm really pleased I've found a site like this. I visit Disneyland Paris most years with my family and I find this site a wealth of information about the resort itself. I really like the story about phantom Manor as well, mainly because I did a project on it for part of my college work. I'm definitely gonna save DisneyMagic for future reference!"

[Name: Adrianne Lowther / Location:- Sunderland, England, United kingdom]

“I must say I like Disney merchandise. I like the rides, my favourite being The Rockin' Roller Coaster and I love the characters in Disneyland Paris. I also have a love of Disney films, my favourite being Monsters Inc and Peter Pan. I find DisneyMagic shows a more personal experience of the parks which I find useful, giving you an idea of what to expect when you go there yourself.”

[Name: Natalie Henderson / Location:- Co. Durham, England, United Kingdom]

“I like going to Disney on holiday, experiencing the park rides. I’m another lover of Disney movies, I find the the galleries on DisneyMagic are excellent, giving you an insight into what Disneyland Paris is like.”

[Name: Ainsley Dunlop / Location:- Sunderland, England, United Kingdom]

“Well I like the merchandise as in Teddy’s, Mugs and Disney Traditions. I like Dark Rides that Disney operate at the parks and I like Disney Shows. I also like Disney Films, my favourite being Cinderella Story and 101 Dalmatians. Really I’m just a big kid at heart when it comes to watching them. Thinking of DisneyMagic I like looking through pictures of the rides at Disneyland Paris as well as the park zones. my favourite being Fantasyland, and my other favourite gallery viewing is the characters.”

[Name: Vanessa Allison / Location:- Houghton-Le-Spring, United Kingdom]

"Lots of great information for everyone whether they have been to dlp before or going for the first time. Great photos too!"

[Name: Jennifer Lawson / Location:- Houghton-Le-Spring, United Kingdom]

"I love the site, lots of great information for everyone, even if you dont know much about Disney. I would recommend this site to everyone who is looking to find out about Disneyland Paris" :)

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