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ºoº DisneyMagic is a photo/video website for Disney fans surrounding Disneyland Paris, including information pages on key areas like restaurants, hotels, rides and attractions. 

ºoº DisneyMagic also showcases the world of Disney. Going through it's history, it's merchandising and various other collections, even down to looking at the very man himself. You will find a wealth of information regarding Disneyland Paris, right through to Disney in the world today. ºoº DisneyMagic welcomes fans from all around the world to join in the magic that Disney brings.

  • Me and Donald

Ok... So what can I tell you about me!

Well... Since this is a Disney Fan Website, the main thing I should concentrate on here is to tell you about my fascination with Disney itself and how it came to be. So if you have time to read the rest of this, first get a cup of tea or coffee and then get comfortable! Once Upon A Time... Only joking!

Ok I'll start... My name is David Lawson aka Javey74 and even Mr Disney by certain individuals because of my fascination with his life and works! For some reason a lot of people have assumed I was a Disney fanatic from being little, but how wrong they would be when I tell them it didn’t start till January 2005, at 30 years of age. It was my first ever trip to Disneyland Paris, a trip arranged by my partner Vanessa, for my Daughter Jennifer who was 4 at the time. My main interest at the time was listening to country and western music and any merchandise associated with it. I quickly discovered that since DLP had an American connection through Disneyland Anaheim and WDW, I would be able to purchase some country clothing and merchandise, which was not easy to find in this country.

The first day on arriving at the resort I was in my element looking at all the country merchandise on offer in Frontierland and The Buffalo Trading Co in the Disney Village, but for some reason something else was catching my eye, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was at first. As the day wore on I realised that it was the surroundings, atmosphere and the entertainment that all seemed to go hand in hand so effortlessly. As our vacation went on I was getting more and more interested in how this place all came to be and the stories behind it. It was then I realised that this whole place was based on stories in one way or another and not just that, but each of the stories had an individual connection to another. There was something really clever about this place. I started thinking that there must be a lot of great minds with vast amounts of imagination and development skills that came together to produce what I was seeing and hearing, not really taking into account the very man himself 'Walt Disney' at this point!

When our vacation was coming to an end I realised just what a magical place DLP was, and I knew from that moment we'd be back! Just before we left I remember seeing a book called “Disneyland Paris - From Sketch To Reality”, which depicts DLP in vibrant colour, telling the stories behind the building of the resort itself. I knew this would be a great read. I wasn't disappointed!

After returning home from that very first visit, the infatuation with Disneyland Paris started to grow, even more so after reading that very book. At times I felt it was my only link with the place now that I was back home. The 'Disney Blues' are a true emotion, you don't know about them until you get them! It's a deep longing to go back! A lot of people will know what I am talking about here! Moving roughly two years on and three visits later after returning from our May 2007 trip, I was online and just so happened to stumble across a Disney forum called the 'MagicForum'. A place I discovered where I could share my interest and passion for DLP with many others, it was just what I was looking for! Around this time I began to think back to my childhood and one particular character I had grown up around, that character being Donald Duck, I started to remember some of my favourite cartoon shorts starring Donald. As time moved on I started to collect Donald Duck merchandise, discovering more and more about the Duck himself. Then around Christmas 2007 I discovered a Disney collectable that caught my eye, this being 'Disney Traditions', my first being a figure of Donald wrapped up in Christmas tree lights, a piece called "Santa's Highly Strung Helper”, which was given as a present by a work colleague, who knew that I liked it! From then on we have never stopped collecting pieces from this range, a range which you can see on this very site.

Through the years I have purchased many things Disney, again most of which you can view on here! I can honestly say that Disney has just become part of my everyday life, with DLP being the main heart of my inspiration, and with many more visits since, my affection for Disney just increases! I should also point out that it’s not just me, my whole family now has a great affection for everything Disney. This to me is great as it's one topic of conversation that we can all discuss as a family!

Thinking back to 2005, looking at the knowledge I have gained since, it feels quite surreal. To me Disney has been a second profession to the one I go out to work to everyday. It’s strange but the word Disney gets a mention at least once a day from me and more often than not from other work colleagues asking me either the obvious or the curious. I've been asked by others if my fascination for Disney will ever cease. I honestly don't know the answer to that one, which is unusual for me since most people say I have an answer for everything.. Haha!

Its a shame that Disneyland can often be mis-represented as a place only for children, this is so not the case! Walt stated after watching a father spinning his young daughter around in a local park:- "Wouldn't it be fun if there was a place that adults and children could have fun together!" Unfortunately there wasn't, well not until he created one called Disneyland! Facts now prove that there are a lot of courting couples and individuals with no children visiting Disneyland and it is definitely on the increase! After all, at the end of the day as Walt said:- "Adults are just grown up children,  and as long as that is the case there will always be time to let your hair down, forget your worries and frustrations and have fun!"

To me there’s just something about Disney that is timeless and continuous. Disney truly is a world of colour, music, and stories, and through Disneyland it all comes to life together with a touch of magic, or is it the pixie dust? I suppose we will never know! Disney has a beginning but no end, unlike its classic stories. It is always developing and changing, again as Walt said:- "Disneyland is never finished!" But thinking back to its creation was Walt's most famous quote and that was:- "It all started with a Mouse!" Ironically DisneyMagic started with an electronic one... and yes... It also will never be finished! 

Disneyland Paris Trips To Date

1st Trip .....4th to 7th January 2005 [Tue-Fri] (Santa Fe) - 3 Nights 4 Days

2nd Trip .....15th to 18th November 2005 [Tue-Fri] (Cheyenne) - 3 Nights 4 Days

3rd Trip ..... 27th to 30th August 2006 [Sun-Wed] (Santa Fe) - 3 Nights 4 Days

4th Trip ..... 6th to 9th May 2007 [Sun-Wed] (Santa Fe) - 3 Nights 4 Days

5th Trip ..... 29th October to 1st November 2007 [Mon-Thu] (Santa Fe) - 3 Nights 4 Days

6th Trip ..... 22nd to 25th February 2009 [Sun-Wed] (Santa Fe) - 3 Nights 4 Days

7th Trip ..... 3rd to 7th November 2010 [Wed-Sun] (Cheyenne) - 4 Nights 5 Days

8th Trip ..... 25th to 28th March 2012 [Sun-Wed] (Cheyenne) - 3 Nights 4 Days

9th Trip ..... 26th to 29th March 2013 [Tue-Fri] (Newport Bay Club - Lakeside View Room) - 3 Nights 4 Days

10th Trip ... 14th to 17th February 2014 [Fri-Mon] (Newport Bay Club - Admiral Floor Suite) - 3 Nights 4 Days

11th Trip ... 19th to 22nd February 2015 [Thu-Sun] (Cheyenne - Rio Grande Room) - 3 Nights 4 Days

12th Trip ... 19th to 22nd December 2015 [Sat-Tue] (Sequoia Lodge) - 3 Nights 4 Days

13th Trip...  30th August to 03rd September 2016 [Tue-Sat] (Hotel New York) - 4 Nights 5 Days

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